120 Dirty Truth OR Dare Questions for Naughty Fun

Dirty Truth or Dare

Of the most daring and adventurous games of our youth was that of truth or dare. Anything could happen. You could expose a secret you thought you would bring to your grave, be made to streak around the neighborhood, or even dared to spend 10 minutes making out in a dark closet with that girl or guy you had always liked… or didn’t like. Regardless, truth or dare is a game of pure adventure where only one’s imagination is the limit.

However, this game can go well beyond the scope of child’s play. Dirty truth or dare can bring intense kinky excitement and fun to any relationship. Not only is dirty truth or dare a fantastic way to spice up any couple’s sex life, you’ll find yourselves learning more about each other on a very deep and intimate level as you explore each other’s craziest desires and fantasies.

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Top 8 Cock Rings for Earth Shattering Sex

Best Cock Rings

So you’re curious about the cock ring?

With good reason! These nifty little rings have the power to send anyone’s sex life soaring into the clouds and are easily one of the most under-discovered and underrated products on the market today.

Any man has a lot to gain from using a cock ring, and it’s more than just a fashion piece.

Cock rings work by restricting the blood flow from leaving the penis, thus granting you the “super erection.” But this increase of blood can have many other awesome benefits such as being bigger, the capacity to last longer, and the ability to have much more powerful and sensational orgasms. Check out our article on the benefits of cock rings for all the other awesome perks!

If you are new to cock rings, it’s a good idea to start with something less intense and build up from there. Starting with something soft and stretchable will give you the freedom to adjust or remove it with ease. These are top 8 highest rated cock rings that will hand guide anyone straight to Nirvana.

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8 Benefits of Cock Rings For Mind Blowing Sex

Benefits of Cock Rings

As men, we often crave something more from sex. Whether it be the desire to be bigger, to last longer, to be harder, or to even make every thrust feel as if it was our first. We desire to possess a penis that is seemingly sculpted by the gods themselves, a penis that transcends our very definition of perfection. Rock hard as if chiseled from a diamond, upon which every sexual woman drips at the very sight of. Something so divine, that with every thrust, it plucks the strings of her very soul.

But can we men ever reach this divinity, this new level of sexual being? Absolutely! It is as simple as using a ring

The ring, having no defined beginning nor end, is one of the most perfect and divine shapes in the known universe. They have throughout the course of history been associated with power, control, and love.

Every man can harness these ancient and magnificent powers for themselves through the use of their own ring… the cock ring!