5 Adventurous Ways to Spice Up this Valentine’s Day

Things to Do on Valentine's Day

It is once again that wonderful time of year where couples venture to share their affection for each other through whatever means they possibly can — flowers, sexy lingerie, candle lit dinners, lustrous jewelry, or of course, chocolate! These traditional customs are all well and good and embody the very soul of Valentine’s Day, however, we often find ourselves searching for some other, more extravagant, things to do on Valentine’s Day to make this day more significant, more romantic, and more… well fun. #winkyface

So what can we do to not only make this Valentine’s Day a romantic benchmark in our relationships and lives but also make it an experience that transcends our very definitions of romance? The answer to this question is far simpler than we would ever expect.

Some of the most intimate moments we experience as couples are typically adventures — something new, exciting, and out of the ordinary. They don’t need to be grand adventures nor do they need to be expensive. They just need to go beyond the typical and the ordinary.

But what possible adventures could we as couples act up? Well for the uncertain here are 5 examples to start!

1. Visit Your Local Adult Shop

There are few things that bring out the giggly 12-year-old adolescence of an adult quite like adult shops. You and your partner can cruise the aisles with eyes full of wonder.

“What does this do?” — “How does this even fit?” — “Who in the Hell would even…?” — “Why does it come with extra balloons?”

Beyond just browsing, make it a goal for each of you to pick something out or, even better, make your purchase a secret with the intent of making it a little — or huge — surprise later that night.

If an adult store doesn’t fit your fancy or you simply don’t have one within reach, consider picking out some toys online! And for those new to any degree of toys, I have heard from a friend of a friend that vibrating cock rings are all the buzz these days!

2. Plan a Getaway

Nothing screams adventure quite like a… well an adventure. Be it small or big, consider planning a short escape from the reality in which you both dwell. Whether it is a trip to the Bahamas, a night in a local hotel, or even — for those who live in warmer climates — a tent out in the woods, spend a night away from the home word where nothing else matters but each others company.

3. Choose your Own Adventure

This one goes out to the ladies out there. Men love sexy, lacy, delicate, fancy, skimpy, exotic, and seductive lingerie — plain and simple. But even more than seeing in it, we love the misery of it being covered up. To know it is there, waiting for us.

What a delightfully cruel gift it would be to give a man a gift card to a lingerie store with a little note saying, “You Pick!” How horrible a fate would it be for that poor man to do nothing but let his imagination run rampant with desire all night?

4. Play Some Dirty Truth or Dare

As one of the oldest, and most risky games of our youth, truth or dare has the amazing ability to manifest our deepest desires into reality. While this nifty little game may seem slightly out of the blue — but again that is the point — truth or dare is one of those tricky ways to not only explore your partner in a more deep and intimate way but also play out those wild fantasies without the need of your partner explicitly knowing all your sick and dark thoughts.

It is always important to be certain that if you ask a question in these types of games, that you know you can handle the truth. The point here is to bring you closer together, not start a fight. So if you don’t like to hear about past flings, don’t ask questions regarding them.

Additionally, it is always best to start with more tempered questions and dares. It’s never fun when the first question is of the most extreme. Start light and fun and build the mood!

If you need examples of questions check out this huge list of dirty truth or dare questions.

5. Don’t Rush to the Bedroom

The typical adult Valentine’s day often ends with a straight-shot home and to the bedroom. But what if it didn’t? What if along the way you pulled into the vacant parking lot of the old high school and made out like rampant teenagers. What if you built the desire and lust for one another to such a degree in which you hardly make it through the front door before ripping each other’s clothes off? And what if upon the first hint of privacy you both finally let loose the fiery luster that had been so painfully prolonged?

In addition to finding some new fun places and methods of “engaging” in your affection — the couch, the kitchen floor, on the front lawn — the next morning will bring with it a cheerful and reminiscing memory of the amazing night prior as you retrace your steps accumulating each item of clothing.

Have a Fantastic Valentine’s Day

At the end of the day, Valentine’s day is just another day and nothing special needs to be done. Just having that special someone to spend the day with as you would any other day should always be good enough. But if you are looking to throw in that extra spice to your Valentine’s Day this year remember — make it an adventure the two of you will never forget!